Amin Amel Ebrahimi

Amin Ebrahimi (1997) was born in Mashhad, the second biggest city of Iran. He started his musical journey as a guitarist focusing on pop and flamenco music. In 2014 Amin entered the university of IAUM to study architecture. In the meantime, he also worked as a guitar instructor in institutes of Mashhad as Neydavood, Ordibehesht, and Shabahang. He started his classical composition studies with Keyvan Alayi. In 2017 he entered the Ferdows University of Arts as an oud player to study Persian folk music. Shortly after in 2018 he was accepted at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg (Netherlands). Since then he has been following his musical training under the most sought-after Dutch artists such as Anthony Fiumara, Louis Buskens, Anthony Hermus, Aart Strootman, and Sander Teepen

Amin has been active in the musical life of the Netherlands from the start. His work ‘’Baroon’’ got performed in Het Cenakel only two months after he arrives in Tilburg, and the première of his string quartet ‘’Three Short Stories Form the Dead to the Living’’ took place in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. In 2020 his large-scale work for orchestra and choir ”He Woke Up in the Snake’s Dream” was performed in the concert halls of Tilburg and Eindhoven in a joint program with Philharmonie Zuid Nederlands and the Brabantkoor. The premiere was followed by the enthusiasm of music critics as well as the audience. Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad wrote: “Amin Ebrahimi in particular created a fascinating work with He woke up in the snake’s dream, with a humming choir as the highlight.” Later in the same year, he was commissioned by Gaudeamus Muziekweek to write a song cycle for the 75th anniversary of the festival, the piece enjoyed 3 sold-out performances in TivoliVredenburg Hertz hall and 2 more venues. For the same composition, Amin and his colleagues won the prize of ”the Netherlands Embassy’s Online Cultural Challenge”

Amin has also been active in the field of diversity and inclusion in the art and education field which led him to be a finalist at ECHO award 2020 and has been an ECHO ambassador since then. In the same year Amin has founded Brabant Chamber Orchestra, where he also takes the role of artistic director and conductor. He also enjoys conducting weekly Vocaal Ensemble Marcando and Parish choir of Nuenen Cathedral. At the same time, he regularly receives commissions from local and international artists, festivals, art foundations, and orchestras and enhances his profile as a composer as well as a conductor.